Lead Actress in a Play:
Carri Hilson An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Aubrey Holmes An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Rebekah Forsyth Alice in Wonderland
Amanda Traywick Wait Until Dark

Lead Actor in a Play:
Lance Barber Wait Until Dark
Joshua Peterson Wait Until Dark

Supporting Actress in a Play:
Gracilee Bricker Wait Until Dark
Ayla Perkins An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Megan Rogers An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Amanda Traywick Alice in Wonderland

Supporting Actor in a Play:
Glenn Caulder Wait Until Dark
Marcus Covington Alice in Wonderland
Logan Tallman Alice in Wonderland

Featured Actor in Play:
Glenn Caulder An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas/Alice in Wonderland
Robert Graves Alice in Wonderland /An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Greyson Helms Alice in Wonderland/ An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Iwan Hilson An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Chip Long Wait Until Dark/ An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Donald Perkins Alice in Wonderland
Eversmith Tallman Alice in Wonderland
Caleb Wilson An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Rocky Moore An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas/Alice in Wonderland
Cleve Baxley An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas/Alice in Wonderland
John Caudle Alice in Wonderland
Hawk Forsyth Alice in Wonderland
Jeremiah Forsyth Alice in Wonderland

Featured Actress in a Play:
Gemma Brinson An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Teri Brown Alice in Wonderland
Lela Chaney An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Cali Green An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Karen Johnston Alice in Wonderland
Donnie Lewis An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas/ Alice in Wonderland
The Flowers- Taniqua Lindsey, Regina Forsyth, Animah Jackson ,Cali Green, Ayla Perkins, Beverly Eddins, Gracilee Bricker, Lela Chaney Alice in Wonderland
Beverly Eddins An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
Maria Bennett, Abbey Moree Alice in Wonderland
Audrey Barringer Alice in Wonderland

Lead Actress in a Musical:
Terra Medlock The Spitfire Grill
Kimberly Smith Ghost
Kimberly Smith The Spitfire Grill

Lead Actor in a Musical:
Nathan Jenkins Ghost
Matthew Thompson The Spitfire Grill

Supporting Actor in a Musical:
Lance Barber Ghost
Lance Barber The Spitfire Grill
Chip Long Ghost

Supporting Actress in a Musical:
Jennifer Gilmore The Spitfire Grill
Nekeisha Lindsey Ghost
Amanda Traywick Ghost

Featured Actress in a Musical:
Teri Brown Ghost
Karen Johnston Ghost
Donnie Lewis Ghost
Ayla Perkins Ghost
Amanda Traywick The Spitfire Grill
Cice Summers, AJ Summers, Nautica Patton Ghost

Featured Actor in a Musical:
Greyson Helms Ghost
Mark Traywick Ghost
Glenn Caulder Ghost
Donald Perkins Ghost
Cleve Baxley Ghost
David Strong The Spitfire Grill
Logan Tallman Ghost
Chip Long Ghost

Best Newcomer:
Rebekah Forsyth
Regina Forsyth
Nathan Jenkins
Aubry Holmes
Cice Summers
AJ Summers
Logan Tallman

Child Actor
Gemma Brinson
Gracilee Bricker
Rebekah Forsyth
Hawk Forsyth
Jeremiah Forsyth
Iwan Hilson
Eversmith Tallman
Caleb Wilson

Best Set Design
Wait Until Dark
An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
The Spitfire Grill
Alice in Wonderland

Best Ensemble
Wait Until Dark
An Enchanted Bookshop Christmas
The Spitfire Grill
Alice in Wonderland

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